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Are you looking for ideas for a birthday promotion to offer your customers? This decision can be difficult to decide. We suggest that you try several different promotions to see which promotions work best with your customer base. Below, we will give some top promotions that we recommend you try with your customers.

Discounted Items

Discounted items offered as a birthday promotion are a great way to market to your customers. Everyone loves products offered a special rate to celebrate their special day.

Free Products

Alternatively, you could offer one of your awesome products for free as a birthday prize. There is nothing people love more than to win free stuff- and winning items on your birthday makes that day even more special. This type of promotion will definitely be a hit with your customer base.

Birthday promotions are a fun and easy way to re-market to your customers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you reach your customers easily on their birthdays!

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